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**Aug 10th :: Michelle Sarah Band @ Positive Pie. Montpelier, VT 10pm

**Aug 17th :: Michelle Sarah Band @ Lake Champlain Vermont Maritime Festival. Burlington, VT 230pm

**Aug 24th :: Michelle Sarah Band @ Vermont Music Festival. Waitsfield, VT 4pm

**Fri, Oct 4th :: Michelle Sarah Band @ Vermont Ale House. Stowe VT 10pm

**Fri, Oct 11th :: Michelle Sarah Band @ Vermont Ale House. Stowe, VT 10pm

**Sat, Oct 12th :: Michelle Sarah @ Higher Ground. Burlington, VT 10pm

**Fri, Nov 8th :: Michelle Sarah Band @ Nectars. Burlington, VT 9pm

**Nov 14-17th :: Michelle Sarah @ BEAR CREEK MUSIC & ARTS FESTIVAL. Live Oak, FL 4pm

**Fri, Nov 22nd :: Michelle Sarah Band @ Phat Cats. Lyndonville, VT 10pm

**Sat, Nov 23rd :: Michelle Sarah Band @ Piecasso. Stowe, VT 10pm

**Sat, Dec 21st :: Michelle Sarah Band @ Positive Pie. Montpelier, VT 10pm

**Sat, Jan 18th :: Michelle Sarah Band @ The Reservoir. Waterbury, VT 10pm

**Sat, Jan 11th :: Michelle Sarah Band @ Local Folk Smokehouse. Waitsfield, VT 10pm

**Sat, Jan 31st :: Michelle Sarah Band @ Positive Pie. Montpelier, VT 10pm

**Sat, Feb 15th :: Michelle Sarah Band @ Smokehouse. Waitsfield, VT 10pm

"Sister Soul”
Singer, Michelle Sarah, has some powerhouse pipes. T
his Canadian born singer/songwriter had her first public performance in Guyana, South America (the country she called home for the better part of her childhood). "I'm a lucky girl, my life has been one advantageous journey after another. That said, a lot of my personal journey through it all has really been about finding my inner voice, what I can offer through my music. It's been a rewarding time of finding out exactly what i have to say as an artist."
  Now, having developed a unique sound, Michelle's melodically refreshing delivery surges with a sly soulful intensity and her lyrics express hard-won insight that is beyond her years.
 This fall, Michelle will be in the studio with her new project, the winter of 2014/2015 marks a highly anticipated release of the music we've all been waiting for "A rhythm section with a pocket you could swim in and vocals that could bring sunshine out in a hurricane. In two words: Michelle delivers" was well said in a Philadelphia review. Michelle lays herself bare with a bold writing style, touching on love, life, travel, conscious evolution and more. The strong message and gripping melodies boast a creative vision that is very much in keeping with Michelle's spirited personality. "I love this, it's what i do, it's how i express myself and it comes from the heart. Life is riddled with experiences that are inspiration to keep writing, keep making music. The journey is real and the expression is who i am; I'll never stop". Innovative with a timeless quality, Michelle Sarah is truly a voice to experience.